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Hello, my problem today stems from the fact that the guide price of an item can be so extremely far off. I bought a couple bonds and was trying to sell one as I could not sell one in the ge, even for 300k less than stated price. Well, someone came to me to trade dragon thrownaxes for it, about equal to the bond's value I thought, but when I got to the ge to sell those it came around to about 1.4m, so I lost about half of what I bought just because the guide price of dragon thrownaxes was 2.3 times more than the actual sell price. Can we please have an accurate grand exchange where the buy price of an item is labelled clearly? you can catch flies with honey, but you catch more honeys bein fly.

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It has been a problem for years now. It was also pointed out to Jagex a several times already but unfortunately they're too busy with making new mtx promos than actually solving real problems.

Obviously scammers thrive off this so whenever you're offered a deal that is too good to be true then it usually is. Personally I stay away from any personal trading and only use ge.
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This is completely on you, with the recent update, lots of prices are changing. I dont think dragon items are affected, but ge prices can shoft a ton in little time, so you should have checked into their proper ge value before making such a silly unusual transaction. Idk what to put here

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Ge prices are locked to move a maximum of 5% of the item price per day.

Masterwork trim is 14.1m but GE says its only 6k
every item drops and rises, just gotta check or only accept cash.

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That is why we need a short selling system protected by margin calls & collateral using coins or spirit shards. In order to punish and profit off pump and dumps. By using inventories stored in the bank, loaning to sell effectively does not create any new items in the exchange while enable faster and more accurate price adjustments.

I made quite some profit off the coal price drop where I dump on my stocks at 160 on a false rise. And brought back abit with 70. Easy profits.
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