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As a ranked member of (phat pc), I give you following guide prices for rares:

black santa hat:
around 3025m

purple partyhat:
around 6925m
yellow partyhat:
around 7000m
green partyhat:
around 7500m
red partyhat:
around 9475m
white partyhat: around 13850m
blue partyhat:
around 17000m

christmas cracker:
around 25000m

This list can only be updated by ranks of (phat pc).
This list is updated by ranks of (phat pc) if ranks of (phat pc) think they have to update.
overseer in (phat pc) - glad to help the community with accurate price-checks

25-Apr-2019 05:45:35

Ali of Leeds
Apr Member 2019

Ali of Leeds

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Latest prices from the friends chat R Quark FC (since 2011)

Masks :: 417b/521b/652b (G/B/R)
Edibles :: 231b/400b/850s/Max(s) (Egg/Pumpkin/Disk of Returning/Half Wine)
Xmas :: 325b/654b/1680b/3074 (Scythe/RSH/Wreath/BSH)
Hats :: 6828/7014/7470/9375/13415/17133 (P/Y/G/R/W/B)

* indicates that the price was updated within this pc session.

B = Instant buy/non-instant sell (rounding up to the nearest million)
S = Instant sell/non-instant buy (rounding down to the nearest million)

-> Partyhat results calculation code attributed to Charm Quark using confirmed trades
PM me for partyhat trade confirmations | Ranked in R Quark | Love programming & travel | Leeds, UK

25-Apr-2019 07:24:42

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