new M&S metals are worthless

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Orichulcum, Necrinium, Bane even elder rune - are completely not worth smithing anymore.
they barely even sell for 50k per armor piece.

why would anyone want to use them if they can just use power armor like Bandos or Barrows that give terrific offensive stats as well as defensive?

as of now, these new metals are just cheap alternatives for when you don't want to risk your best gear in warbands

smithing is useless now

08-Jul-2019 01:38:48

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I just feel compelled to point out that Barrows isn't power armour, and from a stats perspective, base Banite armour is superior to melee Barrows is nearly every single way.

Our of curiosity though, what was the point of Smithing before the rework? Back when you could make two rune hatchets for the price of four and sell them for their exact alch value? How exactly is Smithing useless "now?"

At least now we have easy-to-make tier 85 weaponry, extended Banite options, and Masterwork. Those things are wonderful.

08-Jul-2019 03:26:20

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I least it had a use like you stated. Also useful for people at lower levels. Before we just had up through rune, its only purpose was to alch. At least the purpose of new stuff is to use. "Itnachos11" FC is a friends chat for PCing nothing because you're not allowed in.

08-Jul-2019 04:14:44

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