Luck of the dwarves & araxxi ?

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I have a simple question and i would be really happy if someone could answer it.
My question is: do i need to equip my LotD before araxxi's death or before i loot its corpse?
I looked everywhere and everyone is saying something different please help!

Ow and the same question for QBD, RotS, Vorago etc.

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If the enemy leaves behind a corpse, such as the Queen Black Dragon, Araxxi, or Telos, you only need to equip the ring before you loot the corpse -- not when the boss itself dies. While I know I've seen a Jagex moderator confirm that somewhere, it's also been the case for me where I've looted a corpse of a boss after not equipping the ring the entire kill and having the ring activate regardless.

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it was actually in the patch notes a couple of months ago that they changed rax to roll its loot when u open the "chest" instead of when it dies, so NOW, yes, you can equip the ring after its dead

as for the ring "activating" Demi, the ring will shine even if you would have got the drop without using the ring, meaning there is currently no known way to say if wearing the ring actually affected the overall outcome of the roll

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luck of the dwarfs doesen't seem to work on the uncommon drop of spider legs
or does it only improve the drop rates of rare/super rare?
so should i not wear luck of the dwarfs, to get better change to get the uncommon drop of spider leg?

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