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H Rassy

H Rassy

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Normal players are not only not aware of the purple boss pet. Even when they are aware of it they don't care about it.

How many people is there left buying out and pumping up next to useless items besides you and your friends?
That's your demand and that's almost gone. The times where you could hype up a bunch of new players to buy out an item (and your stock) is gone I think,those players are not there anymore either.
All the stocks of 3rd age,tongue cape and what not in merchants banks. Its worthless lol,completely illiquid in todays market unless you manage to find a rich person who is willing to take over your stock.

Anyway I will try buy one,i always wanted a boss pet though I guess this one wont have the same prestige as the "real ones"
Putting in a lowball,will update price when it fills.

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