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due to the recent update of player owned farms, woad leaves buy at 10k gp each on the grand exchange (used to make medicinal honey to feed animals)

woad laves can be bought from wyson the farmer in fally park for 20gp for 2

this takes 6 seconds, and can be done by any account at all, and can be done in free to play worlds

this means you are making 20k every 6 seconds, so 200k per minute

just thought id share this as i would personally like an influx of woad leaves to drive the prices down, but, more importantly, the demand is simply outstripping the supply atm, and its way too boring to do myself lol

even if the price halves, thats still 100k per minute, or 6m per hour a mind boggling amount for zero requirement f2p money making

spread the word!

edit: ps they stack, so no banking needed

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