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OK how do I gets Valentines Chocolate Box? I been told some people got it and some did not I am so lost on it can you pls help me? How do i get my box or are people still waiting on getting there box? I cant find anything about it on front page but I see people trading parts.

28-Jan-2016 00:16:16

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Sheaba has your question been answered?

Also, trading lemon, mint, almond, hazelnut, strawberry for any others you dont want. Add me.

Can trade with De Kat20, ORS, Holyhammer. Have added you.
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20-Aug-2016 10:07:22

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Whoa, I didn't know we could trade the chocolates for another type!

In that case, I need two more lemon truffles if anyone is looking for a mint fondant in return.

20-Aug-2016 17:12:21 - Last edited on 20-Aug-2016 17:21:46 by DramaticHobo

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