High alch prices

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Shina Mayuri

Shina Mayuri

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Havent been into the game after rhe mining update. But then I saw prices of rune 2h plummet. Is high alch price affected? Because if not i cant help but think that its actually very good business right now (to buy rune items and then alch them) Hello :p
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19-Jan-2019 18:19:38

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Yeah mobs no longer drop any gear that you can smith. They now drop salvage in different forms. (Bladed, Plate, Spikey, and so on.) They also drop in different sizes ranging from Tiny - Huge. These cannot be melted down or used in smithing. They only seem to be used for high alch and disassembly for invent. There may be something I don't know but this is what I have found.

27-Jan-2019 10:47:25

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