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I would like to thank Jagex and who ever else was involved in this Ironman/Woman mode in RuneScape.

I left RuneScape because I felt my skills weren't an accomplishment on my other account.

When I started to play this Ironman account, I was hooked because you HAVE to use your skills to get levels. There's no help from anyone else except for tips and tricks of what to do in the game.

All I done while I played RuneScape after I quit was fish sharks at the fishing guild just to pass time :P
But since playing this account, I'm more excited to reach every level in every skill as it's more respected.

Loving this game once again, thank you all.

Also, thank you to the community for being so helpful and kind, it has improved over the years since I have played RuneScape.


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I am really liking iron man mode as well. I have a quest cape on my main so it's refreshing to do some quests again that I haven't done for so long. The quick levels are also really satisfying coming from an account with all stats above 65.
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