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Hello guys!

Just recently joined the forums, trying to get the swing of things! Let me know of any thing I may not know right off the bat (maybe some thing you didn't know when first starting off in the forums)

All my time playing and searching for the right video game, Runescape always had some thing special in my heart, I always came back no matter what. The Runescape community is like no other. I have met so many nice people (not always that perfect though). I don't know how but Jagex has created a wonderful thing I think. Let's not mention the amount of effort that is put into player interaction and events. Runescape has always made sure to listen to the voices of the player. They never went too overboard with anything, in my experiences.(like in recent Fortnite - Too many updates they don't know what to do with themselves anymore.)

Runescape keeps things simple and fresh.

I have always been able to log into Runescape after being gone for (x) amount of days or weeks, and I could always figure out what was going on in recent. They do a great job with keeping us informed on new updates and there ideas. even though I was never into the forums I have always felt like I was truly apart of the Runescape community. Not just a player.

That's my take on it anyways.

Scorn Son
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