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Sugar Dong

Sugar Dong

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I decided to come back after a long time and make a new (ironman) account. I don't want to worry about the grand exchange or really rely on other players in any way like I did so much on my old account. I have to say, I feel like I'm not missing a step while simultaneously getting lost in the new content.

I remember the skilling system, mostly changed for the better. Feels more streamlined, easier to get lost in skilling than before. The combat system is revamped, I decided to embrace the newness and go full manual for the first time on this account. Love it.

Brilliant acievement path system. No idea where to start when it comes to this account. This sets the goals out right in front of me. Incredible.

So many new quests, and the first one I encountered was well done. Let Them Eat Pie (forgive me if it's a noob quest) was hilarious, disgusting, engaging (for a returning player who has no idea what's going on), and I hope a sign of what I have to look forward to. I know not every one will be voice acted, but I remember the feeling I had questing back before I quit the main game, getting the legends cape right when the HD update came out was one of the best experiences I ever had. I know getting the legends cape on this guy will be way harder and probably beat the old experience.

"Thanks, Jagex." I said that phrase mainly sarcastically in the past, but lately I've been meaning it.

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Welcome back! The 'new' and improved Burthorpe & Taverley makes it great for new and returning members to get into the game. You can kill cows, make clay urns, spin flax, farm, and buy newbie items from the shop next to the bank. There's this slayer master with a newbie slayer dungeon. Such a great place for new and returning players to get into the game. :)

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I've tried learning the game as well as possible since I joined a couple months ago and I agree! Runescape has been far easier to get the hang of than other games I've tried. If you would like to team up sometime, send a PM ;)

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