to my last wbs owner u are gr8Thread is locked

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MvP Fatality

MvP Fatality

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u are a gr8 leader but look at my stats I rarely ever messed up I'm at a new job working in 120 degree heat it was getting to me and I messed up with pm 1 time in life and some 1 who does war bands plz take me @@@@!!!!!

25-Jun-2016 23:44:52

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This doesn't really seem like a compliment... but if you're looking for another warbands FC, look at the Minigames / D&Ds Dicrectory here for a full list of all FCs and their forum threads.
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26-Jun-2016 00:17:23

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If you are trying to resolve an issue over something that happened with an FC in game, then that is best done by speaking to the FC owner or a rank in game.

If you'd like to apply to a warband FC, it's best to do so on the recruitment thread of the FC you wish to join. Aorox, gave you advice above on how to find these.

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26-Jun-2016 04:12:30

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