Positive Aspects of Runescape

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I know someone who started playing Runescape to connect with their son. They still play over 10 years later even though their son quit for a while after being hacked. Runescape has helped cope with the pain of fibromyalgia by being a distraction. There have been many studies about how games like rs are beneficial. Some of them are: Eye-hand coordination, problem solving, planning, multi-tasking, decision-making, strategy, math, reading, perseverance, memory, concentration, goals, teamwork, creativity, socialization, coping, self confidence, self esteem, increased grey matter, attention, focus, communication, spacial, mapping, creativity, money use, fun, management, dealing with frustrations and disappointments, perception, distraction, etc. Way to go rs! rs=ftw Up up and away :)

28-Jan-2019 06:37:39

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