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I'd have to say.... Newbie Melody because it reminds me of my first days in.... 2005 I think? And Harmony! Those are my top two favorites but I love all of your lovely music :) Keep producing that golden lovely rhythms from heaven! We all love them :) Any act of kindness is worth the time and effort.:)

14-Jan-2019 22:43:17

Dara Elzel

Dara Elzel

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I'm loving the new music introduced into OSRS with the Kebos Lowlands update. 'Gill Bill', 'Getting Down to Business', 'A Walk in the Woods' and 'Newbie Farming' are wonderful, relaxing, upbeat and cheerful tunes with a lot of work put into them. All of those are new favorites in addition to my long list of prior favorites.

18-Jan-2019 17:00:21

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