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Jaekob Caed

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The Christmas event last year was really great and a very welcome step in the right direction for holiday events, which really had lost their way in RS3 for a while. Then, we get the Guilded Eggstravaganza which was also really great. Jagex, please keep this up. THIS is what holiday events should be: a nice, fun, festive little quest with post-quest rewards/training along with world decorations (though I wish the world was as festive as a whole) that help get the player into the holiday spirit.

Additionally, even though I still despise these GrindScape events where you have to grind skills just to get rewards, I give you guys credit for including significant amounts of the crystalized chocolate for playing the Easter quest. If you really have to keep these events going (please don't), I deeply appreciate the fact that I can earn decent amounts of the stuff just by playing the holiday quest.

In general, I really didn't think we'd see holiday events get this good again and I'm very thankful that I was wrong. As I said earlier, please keep this up. I understand if we can't have big holiday events for the minor holidays like Valentine's Day and the like but for the "big three" (Easter, Halloween, Christmas), I very deeply appreciate and enjoy having a quest, festive decorations across Gielinor and good post-quest rewards.

PS: Massive props to the audio team for creating one of the most beautiful, RuneScapey tracks with "Welcome to the Easter Fete". It's a beautiful combination of the traditional, fun feel of RuneScape holiday events with an almost carnival-like feel (it reminds me a bit of the theme songs of the first two RollerCoaster Tycoon games), tied together with that medieval fantasy sound. Phenomenal work.
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