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Jaekob Caed
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Jaekob Caed

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Turksta said:
Jaekob Caed said:
Welcome back! Premier Club is a great deal even if I may not be able to afford it if I can't find the money to buy it in a couple days haha. Anyways, I hope you enjoy the game in the long term! RS3, as a game, is better than ever even though 2018 was a pretty rough year for the game. So far, we've gotten off to a pretty decent start in 2019, I hope the trend continues!
Premier club is't worth it.

Saving $30 and getting sizable extra benefits is pretty worth it, IMO. That being said, I am strongly considering going for the silver package this year instead of the gold, as I've been unable to find work. I had hoped I'd find something before the purchase window ends but I don't think that'll be happening and ultimately, games have to take a back seat financially when I come down to the wire.
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28-Jan-2019 11:48:20

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If you have lots of gp, buying 20 bonds on the grand exchange is an option, I do treasure trails and pvm all year to pay for the game I love, to save myself some cash.

Mining might be a decent gp making method atm.
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