i enjoyed the Gower quest

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since it legitimately made me laugh while proving me wrong (at first i thought it would be absolutely stupid (cause i don't really like cabbages) but it turned out to be a very funny and fun quest for me, and even taught me of the existence of Runescapes creators (i didn't know about either of them before this quest..what i don't go out of my way to look up real life stuff of other people) so in short good job great job! i had a good time with it but only hated one thing,that damn pipe puzzle, it gave me a bad time but i beat it. also i think Gielinor could use more comedy in this dark god waring times and this quest did just that so thank you. ;)

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i agree this quest was very fun and funny and mild difficulty wasn't too hard wasn't too easy and i had lots of fun with this quests and rewards where great one who lost his name spends his life tamed and in death tho he remain only can he be redeemed from love of she who gleamed in everlasting rain

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