I love Telos

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I haven't had much time to get on and kill Telos, only have 8 kills and an enrage of 42%, but I can not express the amount of excitement I have for getting on and getting more kills.

I have been avidly reading (almost) every post both here and on fan sites to pick up tips on how to do the fight more effectively. I've been thinking about new strategy's on how to combat certain parts of the fight and watching videos / streams of other players fighting him.

It seems (to me) that you have the balance of "stand and prod" and mechanics spot on for this boss. Can't wait to try out p5.

The only thing I'm not overly keen on is the looting mechanic of the spinning wheel. It would have been nicer to have the same interface as Barrows/Araxxi/QBD. Personally I think it just adds a small amount of "You could have had this..." rage, that there is no need for.

Now if only I could put real life on pause for a week or so... need some kind of modified version of Bernard's Watch.

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