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Hello everyone.

Mod Neena opened her FC last year when she became part of the Community Management team. Her FC is full of amazing, lovely and talented people. Food & typos are a pretty hot topic, so be on your heels. ;)

Back in the days, Mod Neena worked in Player Support and she recently joined the Community Management team. For more information, check out this thread. :D

In the meanwhile, have a pleasant stay. :)

FC Rules:

• All RuneScape rules apply.

• No offensive language.

• No offensive names, you will be removed on sight until you change your name.

• No spam.

• No fake kicks and do not request kicks - ranks will enforce rules where necessary.

• No discussion of drugs, obscene or any real world / illegal action topics.

• No discussion of religion or politics due to the diversity of the people in the chat.

• English only due to the diversity of the people in this chat.

• No naming and shaming other people, chats, JMods, etc.

• Please do not return on an alt to dispute a kick - kicks serve as a time out and you will be
removed on sight.

• Do not discuss or comment on kicks in chat - if you have concerns about the action, please message a rank about the issue or contact Mod Neena privately.

• Do not dispute a request to change topic by a rank, this may result in a kick. All action taken by ranks is there to make sure the chat remains a safe and enjoyable place to stay.

• Do not request ranks - these are given at Mod Neena’s discretion and they are only there to ensure the chat remains safe and enjoyable.
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Please do note if you have any ideas or contributions on what or how this thread can be built on with its reserves, feel free to post and I shall take a look and see what I can do.

The reserves are at the community's use.
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