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Thank you all for your compliments. :D

The Account Help forum started up in mid 2010 and I first posted in there in October 2010.
At that time I had a different display name.
I was really bad at giving advice as I didn't know that much and there were a bunch of players in there who had a great depth of knowledge.
I learned, I got slapped down for making mistakes, I learned more, I persisted.

Major changes I have seen are:
* the withdrawal of JMods from active, daily forum support
* several re-conceptions of the Community Support forums to what they are today
* the introduction of Community Helpers which was extremely controversial for a long time

It is hard to launch oneself into the Community Support forums, we all have the desire to help others but we don't always have the know how.
The body of knowledge required to be able to actually know what the problem is and how to fix it is growing. It grew with a great big jump when mobile RS was released. O_o

The trick when reading a newly posted problem is to be clear about what actually is the problem.
You have to be respectful.
Your account has been banned and you are innocent? I believe you and will work from that angle. I am not there to judge you, just to give you some realistic advice about the system.

Sometimes you have to read between the lines, other times you have to read the whole wall of text!
Some players don't know what is going wrong, they know it's not right but they can't label or describe the problem.
Other players think they know exactly what their problem is but they are dead wrong.
You need to be patient and polite.

I forget things, especially with rarer problems that I haven't seen for a while.
I still make mistakes.
Thank you for reading. :)

p.s. it turned into the Malua Manifesto didn't it?
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