Thanks Gielinorians & Jagex <3

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Hi anyone reading this,

I just wanted to thank the community and Jagex equally for the jubilant experience of playing RuneScape as an active member. Y'all are the reason the game is so enjoyable in each and every way...It's been 10 years now since I made this account, I've played over 141 days and I'm inching towards the M. Q. C. and the trimmed comp. cape everyday.

The dailies, monthlies, and weeklies are a great implementation to RuneScape. I love the new God Wars dungeon, and the NXT update was an amazing experience also!

There's a lot of information I could mention, and I'll probably end up relating to everyone's interjections of enjoyment because of the recent updates.
It's a fact: RuneScape improved.

With love,

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