t3 spirit pack pigs

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The t3 pigs are simply amazing! If you haven't finished bringing home the bacon I highly recommend you do so. Not only is it a hilarious quest but the pig summoning familiars are super useful.

The t3 pack pig has 22 inventory slots and is available at level 84 summoning.

Compare that to the War tortoise's 18.

The pig is a fantastic half a way between it and the level 96 pack yak. No longer is there a void between these two familiars! And yet I see so few people using the pig compared to the War tortoise.

The pack pig might be the single pest quest reward from a novice level quest!
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I found t3 pack pigs to be useful as well.

In addition, the pouches can be collected for free after the quest, allowing one to stockpile them until needed.

Free, high quality pouches from a novice quest. 84 summoning is now a very significant level.

18-Jun-2016 04:27:05

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