A Space Between F2P & P2P

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There's been some misconceptions about my idea so I'll briefly explain what it is the best I can do for now to avoid further misleading comments. Down below I preserved the original post.

The concept is to have unlockable areas or items in P2P, only available to unlock in P2P that you can bring back with you in F2P. So there would be areas or items in F2P unavailable to F2P players, only available to those F2P/P2P players who've unlocked those areas. I'm not saying to make every P2P thing available to F2P, there would be distinct content between everything that is now P2P and everything that is now F2P. This is the space between them I've been trying to explain.

Down in the original post I go over a couple points to make on how this could impact the game, explained very briefly. Basically, there's a right way to do this and a wrong way, like anything.

Original Post :

The concept is to become a member to unlock areas or entities in F2P.

This can be the bridge for the stubborn people who just will not become a member. It can be a loss of money for the people who have been playing P2P if you do it wrong. It can make the game more satisfying for F2P players and it can drag in more P2P members periodically each time content is released into this zone. I never heard anyone doing this before, so I thought I'd suggest it. Could be profitable and beneficial, could be detrimental, depending on how you go about it. Can be another reason to become a member to work hours on end setting up your dream F2P but of course, P2P must always exceed F2P, we know that.

I know there's pessimistic sides to this but I know there also optimistic sides. I personally think this could be beneficial to the game, I like to keep my mind on expansion and less on limited sides. I'm just posting this to say that this is an option. I'm not agreeing to every aspect of it, as some aspects of it can certainly be detrimental. Let me know how you can see this working, would be interesting to know.

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Realm Reaper said:
You become a member to unlock areas or things in F2P that are unavailable in F2P, only available to unlock in P2P. So when you go back to F2P you have more F2P things.

I dont think this helps your cause much as it leaves more questions than answers.

I mean how does unlocking things in members transfer back to f2p?

Arent members only things supposed to be just that for a reason?
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One thing that already works like you suggest would be the trade limit. Once you've been a member once you have your trade limit removed.

Also from back in the day, Canafis gloves. :P

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Okay, people are not understanding this. I'll give one example, let's say that you're a member and you do a members quest that unlocks a members item. Now, if that item can now be used when you go F2P, there it is, my concept.

Release similar content that creates this need to become a member to make your F2P experience more extravagant. There you have it. Any questions?

15-Dec-2018 00:24:25

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Nosediggerno said:
It's probably going to make F2P rather imbalanced, since players will have vastly differing degrees of access to P2P equipment.

This - I mean: It doesn't hurt anyone if you can bring over some cosmetics (or alternative skins for f2p items - e.g. TT rune items) from membership to f2p - especially if this would open up some additional money making methods for members if those items are tradeable, but your idea would put every pure free player at a grave disadvantage.
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Realm Reaper said:
Another example: There's this area in P2P that needs to be unlocked in P2P, once unlocked you have that area for P2P and F2P

Do you understand where I'm going with this?

Sooo... if you're a completionist type player who has unlocked everything... you basically can go back to being F2P while having access to all P2P areas/content/items? Sign me the hell up, I want free membership too!!

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