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Don't go bear on me.
It'll never work for you. we're all equal no matter what.

I don't need to plea to you. I beat my bear up.
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as for my reasoning why you think it wont work is because you're thinking about the angles of those directions. first person can still be like Duke Nukem or Doom. but with rs3 graphics, of course.
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Fosbinder said:
The character can only face eight directions.. It would feel like a bloody slideshow.
That's actually untrue. You can face any direction. Also, support! I had this idea years ago when Jagex added the zoom function. I'm surprised they haven't added first-person by now.
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Avenger 1992 said:
Virtual reality goggles don't lol need to to be introduced.
With first person on just a screen people will like life a lot more.

While goggles may neglect the efforts to move forward with science!

I wasn't suggesting vr goggles I just said it would look cool.
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