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If there ever would be a compromise for the players who want 120 skills and the ones who don't, experience milestone rewards would probably be the solution. I think there was one with farming in player owned farm? IIRC. 120 cape benefits kind of already do this in a way but I know there's players out there feeling deprived of rewards, working on gaining tons of XP. In my opinion, I think we should be rewarded for all the experience we get. I've always been in favor of making the game more dense with loads of content, even if that means replicating some content in a similar manner (just don't dilute the game of course in all relevance).

So this would mean 50m xp rewards, 100m xp rewards, 150m xp rewards and 200m xp rewards. I find it odd that you get a broadcast for virtual 120s and 100m XP when they're 4m XP apart from each other. There needs to be some solution for sorting out that tiny gap I'll suggest also, if it could be interesting. For 200m XP its pretty rewarding enough to get a permanent ranking along with all the other XP Milestones or XP, just getting higher ranks but it's still depriving the players. The ones who out grind players in XP gains should be rewarded in that skill to have an advantage over other players, in the economy or by ability.

Once I stop gaining XP at 200m XP I think to myself sometimes, what if there was some currency or point system for training the skill past 200m, rewarding any player who has any 200m skill. Everyone always says, don't XP waste but in the past when I brought this up there were a lot of players who said they don't want to have more time to waste? I like the game, it's a game and if someone plays the game a lot, there should be a benefit for that. I could be doing other things besides playing but I put time into this game, what do I get out of it? (with overloads of XP)

I know people like certain things in this game like doing there daily routines to get some gains. Why not implement that into XP Milestones?

27-Feb-2019 04:36:12

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