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Idk why people got this idea that "pets = all lag", because it's not pets that cause server lag; it's the players. And it's not the pets that cause individual player lag; it's the other players.

If you want to fix lag:

1. Jagex has to improve their servers so that they don't start producing their own lag after merely 300 or so players are in a server that's capable of holding 2k players.

2. If your ISP provides you with a crappy internet connection, you can't exactly expect high quality connection now can you? If possible, change to a better connection/ISP, but if not, made-up solutions like this won't work.

3. You can temporarily fix lag by changing to a quieter world, and further by going to a quieter location where applicable.

No support for the suggestion.
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10-Feb-2019 11:47:45

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