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I'm fed up with being assigned Abby demons and nechraels and wanting to do them in the slayer tower for the contract, only to be denied by everyone power farming invention! It should be a place for those who want to train slayer and not those spending 5 hours denying anyone else to kill these creatures.

A couple of simple solutions:

-Make the slayer tower accessible for those with a slayer task only (I like the contracts)

-Provide many other places for people to train on abby demons

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I don't think adding more places for abby demons would work if you wanted to do a task with the contract bonus, since people would still try the tower first for the contract bonus even off-task. But yeah, making harming the creatures in the tower task-only could work.
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Task only or if you are utilizing a Slayer Contract.

If you want to kill Abyssals off-task:
- Played Owned Slay Dungeon
- Wilderness
- GWD2
- The Abyssal Realm (fairy ring access)

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I like the sound of this, maybe a different way of going around it is as well would be only allowing access to the slayer tower if either 1) you are on a slayer task for one of the creatures or 2) only allow access to the tower if you have a contract from Markus (which would discourage people from camping in the tower as they would need to keep getting contracts) Proud leader of Clan Cadarn

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