Reduce PoH armor smithing req

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Yeah - even if they weren't to add new variants the level requirements of the old ones should be fixed.

Zarudon said:
MJ Schooley said:
I will admit, the title might be a little confusing, so let me back up a bit and explain.

I was training my Construction when I decided to build one of the suits of armor in the Skill Hall. I gathered all the materials needed to build the rune armor decoration...only to find that I needed 99 Smithing to actually build it. Of course, this would make sense prior to the recent Smithing rework, since it took 99 to make a full rune set to begin with...but not anymore. As such, I suggest a simple change: reduce the Smithing requirements for these sets to align with the rework: 30 for mithril, 40 for adamant, and 50 for rune.

Support to put other sets of armor like Bane and Elder rune up as well.

Trimmed masterwork <3
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20-Jan-2019 06:43:00

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