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Vulkan API for Runescape. When can we expect?

According to PCGamingWiki, NXT currently uses OpenGL 2.0 which is nearly 15 years old, the latest version being 4.6.

Isn't it about time it was update to something tailored to take advantage of modern hardware?
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08-Dec-2018 20:57:24



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NXT seems able to use any OpenGL version (above 2.0 or 3.0) that the hardware supports; my RX 580 reports 4.5 on Linux, and 4.6 on Windows.

But I'd enjoy seeing Vulkan support. It'd get good press, and I imagine would benefit nicely across platforms (Windows, Linux, Android; macOS and iOS can probably keep using whatever they're using now or go through MoltenVK)

08-Apr-2019 10:00:41

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