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there should be a quest series or mini game or something to allow slayer item to be merged with achievement items for example adding the seers headband to slayer helmet and witchwood icon to desert amulet it would be nice to merge it with the cramulet as well and to merge to spiked and slayer gloves/gauntlets to karamja gloves or if not to merge items then make them upgrade-able to fight slayer creatures like making faldor shield reflective and making wilderness weapon changeable to bow or staff or hammer with slayer upgrades to act as rockhammer or slayer staff as the developers you know the item in the game i hope you consider my ideas to help improve the game thank you for your consideration

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King Tumeken
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I have a question for you:

If you read my Survival Skill suggestion, do you think this would add on nicely to it?

Im just saying, it seems that i have found a way to use your idea the way youd like to :) with additional and extra content that may be fun and challenging.

Give it a shot because I like your idea.
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