God's Owned houses

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an extensive place where you can steal god's Treasure. Old and new artefacts as well as keys to private training areas, a new way of training prayer spreading ashes into a large urn, discovering written runs via the god's private mine. fishing for blessed white fish, and cooking it on their very own split-rost oven. creating your very own sprite for divination xp, which also grants small summoning xp. practice backflips, front flips and other stunts for agility xp on the god's slimly pets.

basically this god owned houses is an instance that requires 80+ stats and every 2hrs you get bonus xp while in the room.

the new monsters could be reflections and shades of the gods, the monster's unque drop could be boots that grant bonus xp, the drop it self will be very rare. as much as 250k-1m bonus xp. the drop could be 1-25k.
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