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Maybe the upper floor of the Farm or in a tab from G.E.?

There should be an auction house with settings;
1.minimum price time
1. make an offer
-in the Auctionhouse that displays the checked animals., arranged by time left in offer (least time left is 1st shown + all worlds shared). When making an offer, price is set automatically to +5% at 1st and player can then put any price that is higher than the 5% or same (to prevent 1gp steals that would make it a game of chance)

So now if I put my Shiny Loyal Ergot up for 1 500 000 gp and you click "make offer" on it, it displays the original price because no offers had been made, You can either put that price OR a bigger price so you dont have to sit there the whole day. Lets say you put it at that, ok, now someone else wants to make an offer to it, (the offer has changed color in view since it is not "without offer" ... he clicks it and it displays 1 575 000. He can put that or anything bigger.

This would add nice auctioning exchange culture to RS and make selling of good farm animals more easily accessable for everyone. Fairly small update with huge positive impact.

06-Feb-2019 05:40:05

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