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pure 4 kidz
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pure 4 kidz

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Why do cross bows have tear 99 bolts with ruby e/onyx e

Bows are left in the bin with crap arrows like its to hard to make rubye/onyx e arrows.

why are we being forced to boss with cross bow cuse they get the right ammo to boss with and higher tear/better damage then bows.

why cant get the same ability arrows so we can pick weather we want to use a bow or cross bows its like this game hates bows.

lets bring a new 2h cross bow out with some cool ability and push bows into the grave yard just becase they arnt cross bows

its like this game hates bows that mutch they could be called as rasists agast the bow...
All they seem to care about is new better cross bows and bolts get to be tear 99 ammo ...

so why cant we have the same ammo tipes for both weapions and pick witch one we perfure then being forced into 1 weapion....

06-Feb-2019 12:20:32

Lelouch Vi B
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Damage in ranged is capped by the lowest level between your weapon and ammo.

If you have a level 99 bolt but a level 90 crossbow, you will deal level 90 damage. An Ascension crossbow with a level 99 bolt deals exactly the same amount of damage as with a level 90 bolt.

I'm fairly certain they made the bakriminel bolts level 99 because they knew that if they only made them level 92, there would still never be a bolt better than Ruby baks due to their effect.

Not to mention elite dungeon 3 is releasing a new level 92 arrow that weakens your target on every hit. If this weaken effect in any way influences affinity, you can be sure these arrows will be used over ruby bak bolts in the vast majority of high end pvm situation.
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