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Since ninja forums no longer exist, nor my old thread within it;

Problems with intercept as it is:

1) Cepting multiple people only generates one buff bar icon, with the timer only showing the duration of the most recent cept.

2) At 200m magic xp, the 80 xp drops that accompany each cast of intercept will no longer show.
The combination of these two problems makes it very hard to keep track of cepts.


1) Give an option to view xp drops past 200m xp. This also solves the issue of 200m combat stat players wanting to see their xp drops while PvMing & other niche things such as testing xp rates of new content without needing an alt account.

2) Add separate buff bar icons for each individual cast of cept, rather than only show the latest one. This could cause a bit of clutter but I can't think of any other ways to make the timer clearer & an option/toggle to compact or hide the icons can be offered to people within Settings -> Gameplay -> General -> Buff Bar.

With these small qol changes, the intercept spell will become much more versatile/clear and players will no longer be put at a disadvantage for achieving 200m xp in a skill.
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