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As long as there are any cases of obnoxious crashing that would remain (such as slayer), and as long as the servers can't handle more than ~300 players without starting to lag (not to be confused with the lag some players have due to their own ISP), reducing the amount of servers shouldn't even be considered. If you want to be social, hop over to one of the populated worlds, and if you don't want that, pick a quieter server. Both types can already choose accordingly, so reducing the amount of servers and the problems it'd cause wouldn't be worth it at all.

RS Benjamin said:
Upvote if you agree we should reduce the amount of servers

No such thing as "upvoting" on the forums; did you mean to post this to Reddit?

RS Benjamin said:
I really think 10-15 servers are enough

Are you insane? That'd mean that quite literally every server would be capped at 2k players on average. The amount of server lag, player lag and people crashing each other would enormously damage the game.
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06-Feb-2019 11:37:04

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