Strykebow Special att.. rework

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Stella Gazer
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Stella Gazer

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Currently the strykebow special attack is completely useless in eoc and legacy.
It requires 25 percent adrenaline and is very weak.

The maximum hit that i mananged to get was little over 2000. But it takes forever to charge and there is no way i can see how much damage is stored in the strykebow.

My suggestion is that the strykebow inherits the special attack from the dark bow with a new name called Descent of lava.

Hitting double arrows with triple damage.
The special attack only gives triple damage with wild arrows and double damage with other arrows.
Costing 50 percent adrenaline.
The special attack will not be overpowered but still better than what it is.

The currently damage stored in the strykebow does not seem to hit very high even after multiple attemps without unequiping the shieldbow.
Tested at lumbridge combat academy without any gear on.

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