Citadel Raid Mini-Game

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I was discussing with a clan member what would be fun plots to add to the Citadel and what would be good for people with higher skill levels. We discussed a Citadel Raid mini-game. Where clans raid other clans, fight guards and try to get passed traps laid my clan members. If they're successful, the clan gets some Citadel resources. The traps would be set using an invention plot. The traps will be dismantled with the thieving skill. The more traps created, the more difficult the raid. To be fair to smaller, newer clans there would be no actual loss of resources but a small number of bonus resources if a clan manage to protect their Citadel and a small number of bonus resources for the clan the with the successful Citadel raid. It'll add a more advanced skill plot to the Citadel and allow people to train combat for resources. So something combat oriented players and skillers. What do you think?

28-Dec-2018 16:42:36

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