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After going about one of my runs in Farming, I noticed I tend to stop by a bunch of places and collect items from achievement diaries or quests. Most of these items come from the following examples:
-84 buckets of sand (from bert)
-40 pineapples (from dell monti)
-20 potato cacti (from odd old man)
-Lost and found bag (from rug merchant)
-30-200 flax (from Geoffrey)
-food hampher (from cook)
-150 noted Pure essence (wizard comperty)
-Harvested items from

I know there are probably more collectables from random NPC's that I overlooked.

My suggestion, isn't there some easier way to collect all these items from one person, instead of having to spend time going to all these places and talking to all these NPC's to collect all these items?

30-Dec-2018 06:21:40

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