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This is more of a thought than an actual bit of content I'd want to be added.I know it'd be way more costly than the current way, but would Runescape to virtual reality be an achievable thing?

06-Feb-2019 07:53:55

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It will look horrible (have you seen some graphics up close with freecam?) and will be very demanding for pc's.
You also can't look behind you easily, which is a real downside in dangerous areas.
Also, how will you activate your abilities?
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This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

06-Feb-2019 11:13:52

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Isn't this already possible? Pretty sure I saw someone play RS on VR, but it was just like playing RS on a normal PC except that surrounding the gameplay screen is nothing but blackness.
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06-Feb-2019 11:39:26

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