New Quest Weapon - "Barklight"

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I had a hilarious thought the other day about a new weapon and a new quest. I got the idea after seeing the "Silverlight" and "Arclight" weapons, which are great to use against demons.

Basically, the "Barklight" is a weapon you would get that has a higher critical damage when fighting Hellhounds, Wolves, or any other Canine related monster. How would you get Barklight? It get's even sillier!

To obtain Barklight first you must obtain a NEW item called an "Amulet of Dogspeak" after starting the quest required to get Barklight. Maybe Gypsy Aris can give you this amulet because she has another vision of some sinister demonic hellhound boss that is going to be unleashed upon a city or something.

As it turns out, the stray dog in Varrock is somehow related to this evil Hellhound and can assist you in finding and destroying him, but you have to find the fabled Barklight sword because it's the only thing that can slay this powerful beast.

Since dogs are man's best friend, that means that the H.A.M. may know where the sword is, and you find out that the H.A.M. have Dogspeak Amulets and stray dogs spies all around so they can keep tabs of the movements of monsters in Gielenor.

After battling and retrieving Barklight, you find it has lost it's power, and you have to bring it to the Witch in Rimmington to see about re-enchanting it! Perhaps you'll have to gather some materials such as wolf bones, fur, and a special drop from a regular Hellhound, like maybe a dog's tooth? With these items you can use them on her potion pot and she can create an enchanting potion that you then use on the sword to re-enchant it.

Now that you've got the sword up to par, you find the stray dog doesn't know exactly where the sinister Hellhound is located, but that there are several other dogs that H.A.M. has around Gielenor that you can gather clues from to pinpoint the location of the Hellhound boss.

Once you defeat the dog you keep Barklight!

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I can see the humor in it.

Part of the issue is the limit on the number of canine theme mobs that are high level.

Most werewolves are still beginner level creatures. The stronger ones being in GWD1.
Hellhounds are abundant, but they are kinda like Deadly Red Spiders. Intermediate creature that even F2P can take down in full rune.
Outside the annual Fenrir et al Fremmenik thing, there really aren't any high level wolves.
Helwyr is an elf that transforms into a Wolf/Bear/thing hybrid. But GWD2 bosses don't really trigger bonus effects (Zaros boss doesn't trigger Dragon boosts, Greg doesn't trigger undead boosts).
There aren't many pure dogs in the game either. Wild Dogs and Guard Dogs for example (outside Daemonheim) aren't high level either.

So until Jagex releases some new high level canine threats, we might want to reserve it for when that comes out.
Then they can call it Barklight.

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