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Hunting Moms said:
Hunting Moms said:

Im always duoing it or soloing. Hit me up if u see me online.

Idc about your weapons stuff. Just have reqs to entre instance.

We splitt all but hzr. Ill help poor people to make some money and get experinece:D

Im still going GWD2.

Why i dont split HZR?

HZR is a personal dropchance like 1/60k i heard thats why i say in my post im not splitting it. If u want u can get a small split but not 50/50 because i dont need to split this drop.
Its like if u wearing hzr and getting double drop u dont need to share the second one.

forgive me my bad English. :D
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Hi everyone.

Due to the low volume of posts made each month in the various "Team Needed Boss Hunting" threads, the FMod team and JMods have agreed to combine all boss hunting team threads into one sticky thread.

One thread will be more active and will make it easier to find or create a boss hunting team. Plus with less sticky threads the forums wont be so cluttered.

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Team Needed - All RS3 Bosses


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