Arnakhor the Brave

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Hailing from the Barbarian Village, west of Varrock, Arnakhor, previously known as Hrane, was a warrior of very small renown. He held his own in battle, though he wasn't significant in any real way. He grew tired, however as time stretched on, and was restless during his younger years. He and a few others yearned for adventure beyond the reclusive walls of the village, away from the traditions that bound them.

That isn't to say he didn't love his home, for he did, and would kill for his Chief and people if they had asked. But he had his own life to live. For a time they would work as Mercenaries for a wealthy family from Falador, under the Command of an Aspiring Knight. They patrolled the borders, and stayed well away from the city, as the people of Falador were notorious in their complaints against the Barbarians. The young man that led them, Orstun, though, was allured by the martial way of life from the barbarians his father had hired, convinced that none would be able to defeat them.

Orstun led his warriors North, intend to head into the Wilderness and challenge followers of Zamorak. They were confronted however, by a Warband of Goblins. They were outnumbered, though they repelled the Goblins, and killed their leading captain, instilling them with great confidence. Though soon after, they ambushed by a party of Black Knights.

Despite the strength of the Barbarians, they could not overcome the Knights. The Kinshra rushed them, trading blow for blow, while Zamorakian Mages and Black Knight Archers fired from a cliff behind them, destroying the Barbarian Warband. Arnakhor and a handful of others managed to escape, Arnakhor dragging Orstun by the scruff through the bloody mud.

Arnakhor was rewarded for bringing back Orstun to Falador, and his father paid the Barbarians dearly for saving him. What remained of the party were still bitter of the defeat, though were quite glad they lived to fight another day. They served merchants and Lords for years...

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Until an odd Adventuring Wizard chanced upon Arnakhor(Still regarded as Hrane) and a clutch of Mercenaries trading war stories. Hrane was looking for work at the time, and the Wizard was looking for bodyguards. He claimed that he could have handled himself, though he did not wish to take his chances while he had research in the North, in the Wilderness. Hrane and a party agreed to join the Wizard. The Wizard refused to tell the mercenaries why they were hired, only that he required protection, just in case things did not go to plan.

They made camp near a graveyard, at the Wizards request. Revealing to them an ancient book of magic, he proclaimed that he could raise the dead himself, and if he was right, these reanimated warriors would serve him without question. The Mercenaries were uneasy, though they didn't feel safe dividing themselves to leave the wizard to his madness. Who knows what lurked in the Wilderness? Alone they would possibly perish..

The Wizard went to work, chanting words from the old book in a deep throaty voice, Hrane stood nearby, more curious than afraid. The Wizard chanted for two hours to no avail, before closing the book in anger. Nothing had changed. The Wilderness was just as dark as it was two hours ago, the graves did not stir. No change in the wind. Though all of the sudden, wild howls surrounded the mercenary camp, and packs of Demons, and Red Clad warriors surged toward them. They fought for their very lives, though against such odds, they could not hope for victory. When the Wizard died, though, his blood spilling upon the graves, almost at once did the dead rise from their coffins to the fight, killing both Mercenary, demon, eachother, whatever was in their path. Chaos ensued, and a band of Mercenaries fled from the carnage. When they looked back as they ran, they saw arms rising from the dirt, pulling Hrane underneath.

Months have passed since then, and the men that escaped made a home in Edgeville...

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They saw Hrane making his way into the town. They recognized his armour, as he was the only barbarian amongst them. They crowded around him, assaulting him with questions about what had happened. Though Hrane didn't speak for a long moment. He was notably different since they've last seen him, though. His red beard grew long, and wild. His skin pale, his muscles larger. His eyes though, looked vastly different. They did not change color, they only seemed to be looking through people than at them.

Hrane took a moment to study the men before him, before finally speaking, "Deserters." he said flatly, before swinging down his sword to crush the skull of one of the men, and pulling out his dagger to slash the throat of another as his sword was lodged. A brief fight ensued, though the men he slaughtered in Edgeville weren't armed as he was. He reclaimed his sword, bloodied with the remains of his former comrades, and made his way from the town.


Arnakhor is a character that is available to be recruited by anyone who would want to have him as a sort of bodyguard or ally. Contact me here or in-game and we can set it up.

I am not looking for anything specific, though something with intrigue, violence and combat would suit my purposes well enough.

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You'd fit well with Kandarin. We come complete with active RP and even a discord. Message me in game.

Axel Vekon, the Eternal Emperor, the Archmage, the Lichslayer, of the Holy Kandarin Empire.


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