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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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A few things in mind.

After playing Witcher 3, Gwent came to mind. The idea of some sort of game that not only can exist in-universe, but be played by us ICly. So my first thought was to make a game of some sort to play IC.

That's when, after hearing the Chronicle players in the bar for... However many times, the idea finally hit me.

We play Chronicle IC. We grab a bunch of decks, open up the game, and two characters can play eachother.

How would this work? Simply put, it already does. We already have an in-lore explanation for Chronicle. It's a card game taking famous people and locations and playing on a few maps.

That's when the second idea hit. What if some of our Characters, items, and so on, of enough renown, ALSO had cards?

So, I'm curious as to what your "cards" would look like. I'm posting some guidelines in the spoilers below, then I'm posting my own.

There are two kinds of cards in Chronicle. Support and Creatures

Support usually costs gold, or has a special "Spend" effect that requires armour, health, certain monsters killed, or a weapon.

Some popular support cards are Allies, people who heal you, give gold, or the like.

As an example, a deck staple is Ali Morissane, who gives you 3 gold for free, but will take your weapon if you have one.

Some are equipment, with Damage/Durability, or armour.

As an example, the Saradomin Godsword is a 5 Gold Card that gives you a 7/2 weapon, and heals 5 health.

Creatures tend to have two stats. Attack power, and health. The better the reward, usually gold, health, armour, or a weapon, the higher the monster's health. Sometimes really great rewards, like attack power, require discarding a random card.

Finally, we have Legends. Each has specifically tailored cards, and takes the role of a main figure. Each has a strength.

Raptor is armour
Ozan is gold
Linza is weapons
Vanescula is health
Morvran is Monsters
Ariane is DPS.

Ariane has cards Raptor doesn't and vice-versa.

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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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Now, to add a few of my own that may or may not exist in RSRP chronicle. Just for funzies!

Choronlann: Support (Equipment)
Set: Classic
Gold Cost: 5
Left Reward: None
Right Reward: None

Effect: Increase your attack temporarily by the attack of your next creature. Remove weapon.

Zarin Renderra: Creature (None)
Set: Raptor
Attack: 10
Health: 6
Left Reward: None
Right Reward: None

Effect: Deal damage to opponent equal to half your armour. Remove all armour.

Kat Renderra: Support (Ally)
Set: Ariane
Gold Cost: 6
Left Reward: 1 Attack Power
Right Reward: 3 Health
Effect: None

Deborah: Support (Ally)
Set: Vanescula
Gold Cost: 1
Left Reward: None
Right Reward: None

Silverclad: Support (Slayer Task)
Set: Morvran
Gold Cost: 0
Left Reward: None
Right Reward: None

Effect: For every Agressive Monster slain, damage opponent by 4.

Promethean: Creature (None)
Set: Classic
Attack: 8
Health: 10
Left Reward: Weapon (5/2)
Right Reward: 2 Health

Legend: Thalia Renderra

Reason: By the time I actually get any of these cards set up at some shop ICly, she may be in the Legend's Guild.
Set: Uses Linza's. Low armour, weapon focused.

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