Asgarnia: Coronation Tonight!

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Harak Hood

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Kellach Du Saal, the current Armorer for the White Knights of Falador, would be attending such a huge event. As proof of both his formal nobility, his connections, and his craft, Kellach would bring along a unique gift for the new King, perhaps to serve as his badge of office- A masterfully crafted mithril sword, inlaid with beautiful symbols of Asgarnia- An eight-pointed star, with a circle in the middle, on either side of the blade, just above the crossguard. Each star would be unique, one being of Diamond, the other of onyx, Obvious symbols of the White and Black Knights. Scrollwork would continue up to its' angular tip, with silver gilding upon the edges.

As always, Kellach's unique maker's mark would be in three discreet locations upon the sword, to mark it as a valuable, authentic product of the Du Saal Artisans.

This gift would be encased in a sturdy teak box, locked tight, with the Key being presented upon arrival to the General Elise Grey. Kellach would bear this case with a simple sling, waiting to present it to the King upon his Ascension to the Throne.

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