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In order to more easily display and maintain a collection of some of the beautiful Role-playing guides, compendiums, reference tables, suggestions, and nostalgic threads that have been made by some of our own, wonderfully creative role-players in the past, I felt a sort of table of contents was in order.

Note, I am not trying to supersede either the Welcome to IG Role-Playing or In-Game Roleplay Guide & Help threads, merely trying to collect together guides made in the past.

I am not claiming ownership to any of these guides, nor do I completely agree with all of them. But they are useful, they are well written, and they are part of our history as role-players.

Should anyone feel I missed anything (theres 50 freaking pages, I know I missed something) feel free to point it out.

If any of the authors of these guides wish me to remove their works from this thread, I would be more than happy to do so.


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