The Mages Conclave

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Lady Ria

Lady Ria

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1) What time should we start the conclave? EST please.

5pm EST or after is good. Especially if we don't run over time

2) Where should we host the conclave?

I'm not opposed to trying new places. The Wizard's tower ruins would be nice, as would the tower, as would Yanile (Mage Guild woopwoop). Though I won't deny I love the simplicity of a citadel at times.

3) Should we include a combat/duel portion?

Combat, yes. Duels, no. Duels get really bad when people have different views on how magic works, how strong it could get. Nobody wants to sit through hours of 1v1 fights again. I'd suggest either a 3v3, an apprentices versus Master-Craft Construct fight, or randomly selecting two fighters.

3a) Would you be open to a non-tournament combat event?

See above.

4) Should we include a merchant element?

I want to say yes, but the past few years it hasn't been really popular. If it's book-ended with presentations, sure.

5) Do you want to present?

Hell yes. I have... Two, the later of which we discussed in PM

5b) What will you present and with what character?

Ekaterina Renderra - A Breakthrough of Divination, Engrams

Kat or Faaiza Abdul'Qadir (Depending on other Debaters) - A Debate on the Triviality of Forbidden Knowledge

02-Feb-2017 11:48:01

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