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Bella Kivail
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Bella Kivail

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Athena was taking awhile so we went and looked for her. We found her, but we looked down into this room. We walked in and saw this woman who was holding Ellie...Her name was ((can't remember, you'll have to remind in-game, connor)). We had to get her back because Athena looked anxious. Proteus/Golem made a diplomatic approach. He was so brave to do so as they exchanged words back and forth. I can't really remember everything that was said, but he offered her a chance to come back with us to be in custody or something like that. Or she could just stay there and die, as the whole place was coming down. We heard an explosian and the place was starting to fall apart. We eventually got Ellie from the clutches of this mad woman then we ran out of there.

When we got to the glowing tower, Proteus/Golem took something from his head. Looked like an explosive of some sort? We then ran out of there as fast as we could. Guards were running around frantically and were all panicked, hehehe it was funny. We got back outside in the stormy, pouring. We all just....watched the tower. It up to the rest of them. To stop him. Oh, Lord Richter, I hope you're ready because our Assault Team is coming for you and you will finally be gone as payment for've done. You have killed some that are dear to us. But most of all, you took -She'd begin crying-....Connor, you pretentious Bastard..Your death will be swift. -She would be crying as she wrote this next part as well.- Slow and painful...Once your gone, you will never return. I know with your death, Connor would die too, but it would've been a sacrifice he would've wanted -She sniffles, crying softly.- You...are....going....down! -She slams her diary shut and would lie in bed as she cries in her pillow, eventually falling asleep.-
*~*Bella Kivail*~*

18-Jan-2017 10:55:33

Bella Kivail
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Bella Kivail

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~The Diary of Bella Kivail~

Dear Diary,

The battle is won...Lord Judge Richter, Blood of Drakan has fallen, but like in every war, there is sacrifice and bloodshed...-Tears drained from her eyes as she continued writing, though it was hard to due to how her hands began shaking.- Jikrak....Ebony....Alex...Connor....They're gone!

Richter!!!!! -She sobbed- Why?!?!?! -She could feel her heart breaking as she wrote this- Your debt has been paid for EVERYTHING you've done, damn fool...I told you they would come for you! I

-She calms herself as she writes further but still cried softly.- Jikrak, Connor....I wish...I could've been there to save you.....Please, come back....-She sighs- I guess.....I am grieving because you we are....I just...wish I could see you one last time...Jikrak I met your daughter...Alyx. She is beautiful and very kind and gentle...She's just lovely. Connor, Athena and Ellie, beautiful family...I know they'll make it through anything together. Both of you, I will watch over them and be there for them when they need me. I just....wish you guys were here....You guys make me feel like a better person..and I am in your debt for that. I love you guys. You will be loved and remembered.

-She remained silent as she looked up from her diary to the wall as glared a bit, her tears were fewer now but still there.- Stark was arrested for warcrimes, I was told, he will be awaiting trial..-Her hands began shaking once more, making it difficult to write again.- I don't whether to be afraid of him or not...because I pieced everything as Proteus told me everything...and this is what I came up with...He was gonna kill all of us "Citizen Assets" this woman at the castle called me..I wanna try to make it to his trial..To be honest, I don't know what to think or feel right now. My emotions are all over the place.

Yes we won this war, but I still feel defeated. The Judge is gone..forever..
*~*Bella Kivail*~*

18-Jan-2017 11:31:12

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The following commorb log was recorded on the 12th of Rintra, the night before OPERATION: FINAL JUDGEMENT, however the file was only just recovered.

ResonantEcho said:
CommOrb Log

This is it, isn't it? Despite all our planning, despite the back-ups...I can't help but feel like these will be my last words. Even as I'm recording this, it's like something foul hangs in the air. Or perhaps that's just the fumes from the Poison Wastes...

Tomorrow, this nightmare ends, I swear my life on it. You killed the remaining family I had, Richter,'ll burn for it. Nobody crosses a Sicarius like that and lives. Nobody.

...If these were my final words, what would I even say? If something goes wrong....Isaac, after all the trust you placed in me. Making me a partisan, for Saradomin's sake...surely I owe it to you to trust you with this? ...I wish I did, but that's just.....foolish, foolish damned optimism that'll get me nowhere. I just hope you forgive me for what me and Proteus have planned, and I pray that we need not let it come to that.

Were I feeling particularly drab, I'd write out a last will - but really, I've got barely anything left, and barely anyone who'd care. My rank and title are to be passed down to Majida, my possessions to the Temple Knights unless Proteus needs them for anything.

...Finally, Jo'. ...I trust this'll reach you, somehow, should things go wrong. You have more strength than you know, and once you burn the naivety away? You'll be a damned amazing woman able to change the face of Gilenor. That....that, I'm sure of. If I...don't make it back...go to the spot where I told you about my name. There's a tree near there. Clear away the grass and try to dig under the base of the tree. There's a small box there, take it. Remember that you can do so, so much good in this world.

Partisan Strife, signing off.
Thoughtcrime doesn't entail death. Thoughtcrime IS death.

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