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Depends on what kind of rp you're looking for. Elf rp is up and running, as is Kharidian/desert rp. Most of the standard PoK's are also relatively active, and groups out of the mainstream field like The Godless are active as always. What did you have in mind to join?
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08-May-2017 14:34:00

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Silvaris said:
im looking mostly for some sort of magic-based group or just rp in general

If magic only, that rp is no longer active, as of now.

General rp, well as Blox stated, if you look into the forums you'll see Kingdoms active.

Of course The Godless is a group you can jump in and be a magic person, all is allowed to join that rp, general also of course.
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08-May-2017 18:19:21

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In the terms of magic rp, I believe the Wizard Tower is reopening soon. But most kingdoms accept mage characters in general. If the desert interest you at all just shoot me a pm in game or drop an application on our thread. Good luck on finding a roleplay that fits you. :)

08-May-2017 20:37:07

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^ I know Kharid and Asgarnia are very liberal in terms of using magic in RP, we don't follow most of the old OOC restrictions on magic for the most part. Can't speak for Kandarin/Camelot, go prod Vekon or Nomad Steev respectively about that. Mods pls notice me

08-May-2017 20:58:13

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