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Event Name: Eeek eek ook aah ah!

Faction: Who ever wants to participate :)

Time: undecided

Date: undecided

Location: undecided

Description: Various monkies had left the camp with the intent to seek out people following the other gods, trying to figure out whats going on on the mainland and to see what they can do to " help " things along

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By order of the brigade commander Lady Beatrice Sinclair, all Sarothic forces of Camp Aegis are to continue defensive positions and operations of the camp and eastern Asgarnian border. I'm a thief. But I keep, what I steal.

12-May-2016 21:47:16

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Author: Magus Concendo

Title: Within cursed Walls

I don't know what draws conflict to this city. I've seen it fall so many times to so many enemies. Worshippers, Vyres, humans both within Misthalin and from outside of her. Every time there were signs, and you could at least tell who was on the horizon. Today I can't see the horizon, and that is of great concern. Something is happening, something stirring. The gangs are acting up, some very public religious violence. It could be the saradominists taking out the opposition before a takeover, maybe the zamorakians hoping to stir up discontent before they make their move. The two groups are building up forces in edgeville and just over the river. Always possible a third party is involved, the zarosians used to have a stronghold to the east but it seems like the saradominists removed them, perhaps another attempt to take out potential opposition. I don't believe it to be the sliskeans, they would simply throw a sword down in the square and declare the contest.

What concerns me most is that on top of not knowing who is doing it, I'm not entirely sure what they are doing. It could be that they are tightening the rope around our necks, ready to kick out the bucket, or, perhaps they this is just the build up before the walls come down. Either way, whatever comes will come quickly and we must be prepared. It would be much easier if we could alert the crown, coordinate with them, but I don't trust them. Could always be their plot to increase royal power but more than likely whoever is pulling the strings has ears in the castle. If what I have in motion is discovered it will likely be seen as treason, and I suppose it is. What can you do when you face an enemy in the shadows? Some would say you shine a light. They would be wrong, light creates the shadows. Only the darkness can remove them.

13-May-2016 00:23:43

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Okay, as I never made a formal post here... The roleplay is on hold until August/September.

I had passed things on to the Writing board as requested by Leadership, but as people involved soon found out, a ship with no captain has trouble sailing. Things fell to inactivity due to differences in opinion on where to take things and absence of many IC Leaders due to OOC/IRL reasons.

The Leadership and I spoke. As I need time to write plots for the second half of the year, and time for more lore to come out, we have a break before a phase two starts in earnest.

What does this mean for your characters? Not much. Due to IC reasons, they have free reign to breathe again. Some may be joining in on my sideplots to unravel the mysteries of Sliske's forces, others may be taking a much needed beach break.

I hope to see all of you again when Summer is over, because I can promise you... You've not seen anything yet.

As for the thread, I learned from mistakes and heightened on our praises in a notebook. I'm going to clean this baby up, and it will be ready for relaunch a couple weeks before the Roleplay relaunches. As there is plenty of reconstruction, I ask you not to read too heavily into existing content until I give a greenlight on it.

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