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Character Name:Dark Lieutenant

Age:19(6 year old brain)


Personality: kind friendly bright a a 6 year old can be,sad

Specialties:breathes shadow fire

Physical Traits: lost an arm in defense of camelot replaced by stone only one person has ever seen his face an npc nurse of camelot while treating him(was rpd out had to include her sorry)


Roughly estimated wealth:Has own currency silver coins family runs draynor so fairly wealthy

History:was killed by his sister and brought back enchanted to her amulet oocly noone knows this not even him survived for 6 years in mortanyia where he stumbled one fatefull eve into Rovens bar chopped off his hand to make a sentient necrotic flail has been known to eat his fallen foes and gain there abilitys and weaknesses alike unknown whether human cthonian or just plain undead

Extra Info: *he is loyal to a fault he will never betray the cause he is recruited for but tends to upset leadership due to his childish behavior and lack or morality until raised otherwise can be reset to be taught a new way of life and raised to serve diferent views of life
Dark Lieutenant/Highest Ranking officer in Death's Army/Also known as /Solar Darkness, DeathLLusion Demented God/Youtuber/Clan Dark Fire/Goth/Russian/Leader of the Death Blades/Dark Runners.

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